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Frequently Asked Questions


How can we serve the entire state of GA if located in Warner Robins, Ga?

We have qualified caregivers all over the state who are networked with us. We have nurses that are located in the Atlanta area, middle Ga, and south Ga. areas that serve our clients. We have designated office staff that travel the state for any issues or concerns.

We have an emergency phone number designated for after hours and any staffing issues and emergencies that arise over weekend or holidays.

How do you communicate with clients and caregivers?

We use fax, email, telephone, postal service, nurse visits and office staff visits. We have a designated RN who regularly calls clients to check on them concerning their services, any issues they have, concerns, and questions they need answered.

A RN or LPN visits every 30 or 90 days depending on the program client is enrolled in. After a hospital stay, nurse comes and reassesses the client to determine if any changes are needed in the customized care plan for the client.

Emergency toll free number is used for after hour staffing issues and emergencies over the weekend or holidays.

Our web site provides more details on our services and about our company.